Solutions for Community Leaders

As a community leader, it's impossible to be an "expert" in all facets of public management...but you're still expected to have the answers available to all of your community's questions.

That's where we come in...we'll work with you to provide answers to your community's questions related to EMS and ambulance operations.  We're Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC.



This comprehensive option allows your community to receive an honest, realistic, and independant outlook toward your Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and ambulance service operations, staffing/provider levels, medical direction, and overall strategic planning & goals.  We'll examing your service's response times, look at future options related to consolodation & regionalization, and review just about any other aspect of management & operations that you're concerned about.  This option can be customized to fit your budget, and can be as expansive or restrictive as you need it to be to meet your needs.


Selecting your next EMS Director, full-time Paramedic, or even promoting your next field supervisor can be a challenging, why not have an experienced & reputable provider do it for you?  As a progressive company, we'll invest our time to find you a progressive candidate to meet your community's mission, goals, and strategic vision for the future.  Some of our candidate selection options include: assessment center evaluation, candidate interviews, written testing, practical skills & job performance evaluations, and credential & reference background reviews.


Training is a big part of what we do...and not just for EMS providers!  Contact us to speak at your next community meeting or association seminar/conference to keep you updated on the challenges, opportunities, and insights related to the EMS field (and how it affects your community).


Sometimes a temporary solution is what your community needs to either get your EMS agency back on track, or to keep it progressing into the future.  As a company focussing on the principle practice of being active, we'll offer your community an up-to-date and active interim management solution, rather than a retired or out-dated option (or a non-experienced option that has never actually been in an ambulance before...or at least hasn't been in over 5-10 years!).