Programs & Courses

As an independant training company, we focus on providing flexible, cost-effective, progressive, and custimized training to meet your service's needs.  We don't believe in taking the "cookie-cutter" approach when it comes to EMS training; we're prided on providing training that meets (and exceeds) your needs.  No two communities are exactly the why have the exact same training as your neighbor?  Why take the "same old" refresher every few years, when you can receive flexible and customized training?  Why not see what we have to offer?

Included below are a number of our different training program options, as well as a description of the program and some of the courses that are already offered.  Because we customize all of our training to meet your service's needs, the list of courses below is hardly an all-inclusive list...we'll gladly come up with a course, lecture, or presentation that you're looking for...just contact us to go through the details and specify what you're looking for.

As for recertification & re-licensure requirements, our training options count in most states via their "flexible" training/continued education guidelines.  Along with Medical Director approval, our training can also count toward your NREMT recertification requirements (MD approval may also be required to meet individual state license renewal requirements).  To be safe, we'll work with you to assure that your training counts toward what you're looking for by contacting your Medical Director, your state EMS office, or any other necessary agencies.

For our Wisconsin clients, our training counts toward your license renewal requirements at the EMT through Paramedic levels...that means that you don't have to take that "same old" refresher again (whew)!

BLS, ALS, EMT, AEMT, Paramedic...our Continued Education Training Program consists of all of the topics that you'll need to meet your regular recertification/re-licensure requirements.  Whether you're looking for a two-hour lecture, a four-hour course, or even an entire training calendar, we've got options in this category to help you find what you're looking for.

Here's an exaple of some of our available courses:

Basic & Advanced ECGs & the EMT Assessment
CPAP for the EMT Provider
Pediatric Assessment & Care for the EMT Provider
Neonatal Resuscitation & Care

Perfusion: A BLS Look at Cardiac Care
Cardiocerebral Resuscitation (CCR)
MVA Size-Up & Vehicle Safety for EMS
EMT & AEMT Advanced Skills Review
AEMT Airway Management Case Studies
Overdose Emergencies & Naloxone Administration

Our Professional Development Program is a customizable option available for services to advance their current staff, provide opportunities for agency growth, and build-upon their developing program needs.  We've got workshop options geared toward EMS leadership, Field Training Officer (FTO) development, and general EMS operations.

Safety while operating an ambulance is paramount in why don't we place more focus on it?  This training program has three primary options: Ambulance Operator Safety, CEVO 3: AmbulanceTM certification, and an Ambulance Operator Driving Course.  Options are designed for both new & existing providers, and can be customized to fit your scehdule and training needs.

Course Options:
Ambulance Operator Training Program

It's interesting that MCI response, patient triage, and EMS operations as a whole are very vaguely covered in initial EMS training (and hardly covered in refresher training & continued education), yet, they're a larger part of our job than we give them credit to be.  Because of this, we've designed this program to be delivered to both new & experienced providers to provide them with more insight into how patient triage, incident management, and scene size-up fit into our role as an EMS provider.

Course Options:
Small-Scale MCI Tabletop Exercise

Simply meeting the minimum requirements and getting a brand-new license doesn't make you "ready" to start operating as an active EMS provider...there needs to be more.  Because of this need, we're willing to not only work with services to develop their own recruit & provider training academies, we're also willing to provide the training to complete them as well.  This customizable option allows us to work directly with your service to provide training that specifically meets the needs of your community, your service's operations, and the advancing needs of your providers.

As we're in a current state of "transition" to meet the updated National Standard Curriculum for EMS providers, we've found the need to expand our flexible training options to work with services that have progressed past the "traditional" methods of EMS refresher training.  With this training programs options, we'll work with your service to develop a comprehensive training program that allows the continued flexibility that you need, the cost-effective options that you seek, and the structured environment that is necessary to get your service "transitioned" to meet the new & required guidelines.

TEMS has become a growing trend in the EMS field, but what about training our current law enforcement officers about the necessary skills to not only save someone else's life, but their own as well?  ERTTTM is designed specifically to teach law enforcement officers & SWAT/ERU operators how to handle a tramatic injury both after it happens and while they await further emergency care.  Our TMOTM course adds on to 
ERTTTM by covering patient assessment, medical emergencies, and other convepts of first responder care.  This option is a great supplement to currently licensed Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) agencies, or to departments and officers that would like additional medical training for their own enrichment (Note: taking this course does not constitute or supplement training for EMR licensure or eligibility).  Lastly, as Naloxone (Narcan) becomes the popular antidote medication of the year, we'll help your officers assess suspected overdose patients, manage their acute condition until EMS providers arrive, and administer Naloxone according to your department's approved policies & guidelines.

Course Options:
Emergency Response Trauma TacticsTM (ERTTTM)
Tactical Medical OfficerTM (TMOTM)
Overdose Emergencies & Naloxone Administration
Training for Law Enforcement - 2014 FLYER

Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC (EMS, LLC) is an independant EMS training & consulting company and offers flexible continued education/training that may not be valid toward EMS license renewal in all states.  Please consult with your state's EMS office to verify that "alternative," or "flexible," training options are allowed to meet your re-licensure requirements.  Medical Director approval may also be necessary for your training to be counted toward EMS license renewal/recertification.