Solutions for EMS Directors

Simply put, our focus and goal is to make your job easier!  As an EMS Director, you've already got a lot on your plate.  Whether you're the Director of a rural/volunteer service or an urban/full-time system, you may not always have the staffing, insight, or specific resources necessary to complete a project, develop a training program, or receive an additional perspective on a new or ongoing challenge.  That's where we come into play.  We offer a number of training and consulting options that are specifically designed to help you...we don't believe in the "cookie-cutter" approach...we do believe in customized and progressive solutions.


Our beginning focus as an independant company has been placed on Changing the Paradigm of EMS TrainingTM, and it continues to be a primary focus of our business.  Whether you're looking for a stand-alone course here-and-there, or to develop a complete and comprehensive training program, we've got a number of options available to meet your continued education needs.  Unlike "traditional" training centers and technical colleges, we're an independant and "flexible" alternative that's available to meet your state's re-licensure and NREMT recertification requirements.  We also differ by being more comprehensive, flexible, and receptive to your overall operational needs.  In the end, we're not here to just provide your training and then leave (unless that's all that you really want)...we're here to promote success and quality within your organization.


Tying into our training options is our focus to develop a customized and comprehensive training program to provide a long-term plan for your service.  Working closely with your Medical Director, we can integrate your state's continued education requirements into your monthly meeting schedule, regular training calendar, or even develop a new training system that meets the timeframe and availablity of your service's providers.  Combined with a continued education training program, we can also develop a quality assurance program for your service that is as basic as providing regular chart reviews, or as expansive as including skills performance evaluations and competency evaluations.  Options are also available for professional development, recruit traininig, and various projects that are specific to your service.  All of our program development options, just like everything else that we offer, can be customized to be as basic or expansive as you need.


Sometimes an "outside" perspective is all that your service needs to either get it back on track, or to help it progress into the future.  Through this analysis & assessment consulting option, we can help provide your service with ideas related to strategic planning, creative staffing, operational changes, and even changing your provider level.


Whether you're starting from scratch or working from your existing standards, we'll work with you and your service to develop a cooperative system to develop new, and change existing, SOG/SOPs.  From a protocol standpoint, we'll work with you and your Medical Director to promote a progressive patient care environment to not only keep your service updated with the changing times, but to also bring it to the forefront as a leader in prehospital patient care.


As an independant resource, we can provide the "outside" perspective that you're looking for on just about any special projects, product/apparatus purchases, or any other issue that you're looking for some added advice on.  Because everything that we do can be customized, we can also become a short- or long-term resource for your service on just about any other task, problem, issue, plan, or idea that you have.  Once again, our focus and goal is to make your job easier!