Solutions for Emergency Management & Public Health

The involvement of EMS with Emergency Management and Public Health is ever-growing.  As the roles & responsibilities of EMS expand, it's purpose as both a public safety and healthcare entity strengthen its need to be involved throughout the community on multiple levels...not just as a stand-alone organization.  As a promoter of a strong EMS system overall, we're invested in working with Emergecy Management and Public Health organizations to not only bridge the existing gaps between our current entities, but to also expand our future working options so that our customers (the community) can receive the best possible end-result product: progressive & quality care.


As an independant training & consulting company, we're able to offer a variety of customized training options for not only EMS personnel, but for hospital/healthcare providers, the fire service, and other emergency responders.  Training topics can range from emergency scene operations, to incident management & command, and to MCI response & triage management.  We also offer small- and large-scale exercise evaluation options by acting as an impartial "outside" evaluator representing the EMS field.


Whether you're reviewing your county's Disaster Plan, local MABAS cards, or are looking to transition your region to a new form of triage management, we're an excellent resource to help you accomplish your goals and to get your community better prepared for future incidents.  We can offer your organization independant insight on MCI planning, patient triage, special event response, or facility & community pre-planning for various emergencies.


New to our cache of options is our custom-designed incident management product line called: GREEN BOARD INCIDENT MANAGEMENT RESOURCESTM.  Find more information about this customized, cost-effective, and versatile option under our HOME category above.