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Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC (EMS, LLC) is an independant EMS training, consulting, and solutions company based in Colorado Springs, CO (formerly of Green Bay, WI & La Crosse, WI).  It was started in 2010 by Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO, based off of one primary focus...Changing the Paradigm of EMS TrainingTM.  As a previous Adjunct Instructor/Coordinator with a large technical college and EMS training center, Tim found a need to expand both the local and statewide training options to provide a "flexible," cost-effective, accountable, and customized approach toward EMS continued education...rather than a continued "traditional" approach.  This vision started with the company's creation as an independant training & consulting company, and has now expanded to include a number of additional EMS solutions, including two product lines, two publications, a subscription program, and additional training & consulting options for all EMS agencies and communities.

Progress...Quality...Innovation...these are all concepts that we believe in and follow in our training & consulting work.  We don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" training, nor do we believe that what works best for your community, works best for your neighbor just as well!  As a training company, we strongly believe in our own Quality Concept:

Quality Education, Quality Training, and Quality Assurance Lead to Quality Performance and Care.TM


For questions related to training coursesconsulting options, or business relations, please email Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO, at:

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MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 62376, Colorado Springs, CO 80962
SHIPPING ADDRESS: 8585 Criterion Dr. #62376, Colorado Springs, CO 80962


Tim Nowak, AAS, BS, NRP, CCEMT-P, SEMSO, is the founder & CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC, an independent EMS training & consulting company that he developed in 2010. He's been involved in EMS and emergency services since 2002 and has worked as an EMT, paramedic, and critical care paramedic in a variety of urban, suburban, rural, and hospital settings. He’s also been involved as an EMS educator, consultant, item writer, clinical preceptor, board member, reference product developer, firefighter, and HazMat technician throughout his career.

Feel free to contact Tim via email at: tnowak@emergencymedicalsolutionsllc.com