EMS Training Resources

New to our training options for 2013-2014 is a customized service available for EMS agencies looking to build, expand, and strengthen their training program...a customized series of training resources.  This customized service offers a variety of options varying from basic training lesson plan & outline development, to a more detailed training presentation option (which includes presentation slides, hand-outs, and other resources for a full training lecture/course).  We'll take our expertise & experience of training program & course development and put it to work for you!

Changing the Paradigm of EMS TrainingTM


This customized option prepares your agency's instructors/trainers for their next training session by providing a Training Lesson Plan and Training Outline containing training objectives, skills/practical station information, necessary equipment needed, and an overall outline of the training session to follow.  Options are available for 1-2 hour training sessions and can also include participant hand-outs and other resource materials.


This expanded and more detailed option includes everything in the Basic Option, plus, a customized PowerPoint presentation for your instructors/trainers to utilize whenever they want.  Our customized courses can be designed for 1-2 hour training sessions and can cover just about any topic that you prefer.  Custom hand-outs and resource materials are also available to help make your training session a success.

Feel free to contact Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO, for more information about this training & consulting option at: