Solutions for the Fire Service

As an independent training, consulting, and solutions company, we’re able to offer your department flexible training options, cost-effective products & services, and updated insight into the interaction between fire and EMS agencies.  While our company was designed around the EMS field, many of our courses fit within the scope of training for fire-based EMS transport services, fire-based first response services, and fire-rescue-only departments.  In addition to our training & consulting services, we also offer a unique and customized incident management product line that is the only one of its type on the market!


New to our company is a customized, dynamic, and cost-effective option for incident management & command staff called GREEN BOARD INCIDENT MANAGEMENT RESOURCESThis product option includes an INCIDENT MANAGEMENT BAG and a number of INCIDENT MANAGEMENT BOARDS that are custom-designed to meet your department’s needs, and cost-effective to meet your budget’s needs.  No more complicated and bulky “one-size-fits-all” options; we’re making INCIDENT MANAGEMENT simplified.


Aside from our training options for EMS providers, we also offer a number of training options designed for firefighters with (& without) EMS responsibilities & backgrounds.  Included with our training options are courses related to scene size-up, MCI response & patient triage, MVA scene assessment, and a number of other customizable topics.  Some of our courses can also be taught with your local EMS agency to promote a stronger fire & EMS working environment.


If you already operate a fire-based EMS system with transporting ambulances, first-response units, or EMS-trained providers, then your department can also qualify for all of our other EMS training & consulting solutions to help meet your department’s needs.  Our options include everything from training & quality assurance program development, to customized training course delivery, and operational assessments to help maximize your department’s potential.  We also have subscription and publication options available for your service to maximize your resources and improve your department’s overall professional development.