Operations & Management

A lot goes into the daily operations of an EMS agency...staffing, logistics, administration, public relations...sometimes a different perspective is all that you need to not only get the ambition to strive forward, but the motivation & drive for your agency to seek the change that it needs.  Whether you're looking to streamline your operations a little bit, or completely overhaul an existing process, we've got some consulting solutions that just might be what you're looking for.

SOGs, SOPs, Administrative Orders...sometimes a different perspective on your agency's past practices is all that it takes to update your department's operations and administrative vision.

How is your agency structured?  Is there a succession plan in mind?  Do you adequately & appropriately apply crew resource management on a daily basis?  With our assistance, we can help your agency determine if its both staffed and structured appropriately to meet the needs of today, and the immediate needs of tomorrow.

PCR programs, cots/stretchers, durable equipment, and ambulances all add-up to a large capital expense.  We can work with you to not only find cost-effective options, but to find alternative solutions to problems that you might be encountering when it comes to the logistics of your organization.

Selecting your next Chief/Director, Training Officer, or new employee is a big deal!  Recruitment, retention, and simply finding the right candidate "fit" can be both time consuming and resource intensive.  Our network of recruitment contacts can join us in finding the right fit for your organization both on a statewide and national level.  Once that prospective candidate is found, we can work with your interview panel, hiring committee, and promotional review board to validate your selection and verify that their ambitions match to their past practices and overall experience.

A significant portion of our company operations is training delivery and training program development.  Through this option, we can work with your training staff to develop training calendars, professional development curriculum, new hire academies, and determine what alternative training resources are available that meet your agency's needs.