Program Development

Tying into our training options is our focus to develop a customized and comprehensive training program to provide a long-term plan for your service.  Working closely with your Medical Director, we can integrate your state's continued education requirements into your monthly meeting schedule, regular training calendar, or even develop a new training system that meets the timeframe and availablity of your service's providers.  Combined with a continued education training program, we can also develop a quality assurance program for your service that is as basic as providing regular chart reviews, or as expansive as including skills performance evaluations and competency evaluations.  Options are also available for professional development, recruit traininig, and various projects that are specific to your service.  All of our program development options, just like everything else that we offer, can be customized to be as basic or expansive as you need.

Training Calendar & Program Development
Quality Assurance & Chart Review Program Development
Professional Development Training
Recruit Member Training
Regional Training Program Development
Current Program Review & Assessment
Skills Performance Evaluations
Officer Development Program