Analysis & Assessment

There's a lot to be said about working with an "outside" consultant to help streamline a process, validate a procedure, or to simply gain perspective about your organization from an unbiased position.  Our analysis & assessment options are flexible, agency-specific, and cost-effective.  Here's a few examples of where we can help your agency progress:

As an independent resource, we can work with you to validate entrance and promotional exams, sit as an unbiased party on interview panels, and develop skills performance evaluations to help assess new and promotional candidates.

Considering the advancing industry of EMS throughout our country, we can work with your agency to design new protocols, enhance existing protocols, and work with your agency's Medical Director to bring your service to the forefront of EMS scope of care and patient care expectations.

Narration, data management, performance improvement, and quality metrics are all trending topics in terms of EMS QA/CQI.  We'll work with you to increase the quality of your providers' patient care reports, build your own quality metrics standards, and enhance your own quality assurance program to be progress-based; not punitive-based.

Whether you're considering upgrading a provider level, expanding coverage areas, consolidating/merging services, or simply adjusting your daily staffing, we can provide you with insight and professional recommendations to help validate your next step in the expansion or purchasing process.