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We're updating our website (slowly)...please bear with us as some of our content and links change.

Looking for a presenter at your next conference?  Have Tim Nowak join your line-up with one of his many current (and expanding) lecture options.

Follow Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO, on LinkedIn at: www.linkedin/in/timnowakems

EMSDIRECTORTM The EMSDIRECTORTM will be returning in 2018! This is our printed professional development publication for EMS directors, managers, supervisors, and providers. Yearly subscriptions are $25 and include 4 (quarterly) printed issues. Please visit our website for more information:



Under development!

We're currently developing a new course series as part of our EMS Director Professional Development Program entitled "EMS Company Officer Development."  Its focus will be on the professional development of EMS supervisory staff, and will include modules related to human resource management, EMS operations, incident management, and other aspects of crew resource management.  More information will be coming as we continue to develop this much-needed curriculum.



We've just introduced a new website and EMS provider/client option to our list...EMS CONFERENCE CALENDAR...a FREE location where organizations can list their upcoming EMS conferences, symposiums, and events for all to track.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PAGE


WI⇒CO We've moved our base location from Wisconsin to Colorado!  2017 brought about some new opportunities for both EMS, LLC and Founder & CEO Tim Nowak.  This transition has shifted our travel location from Colorado, but we're still listed as a Wisconsin company in terms of operations (with future changes possible).  This move to Colorado makes us more accessible to new markets throughout the country by being closer to a large international airport, more centralized within the state, and near a larger population base to promote our company's options.  It's been a great move so far...and we're looking forward to sse what the rest of 2017 (and beyond) has in store!


consulting. We've got some new consulting options available in 2017 that are designed to help your EMS agency grow, become more professional, and to promote career path development & structure within your organization.  If you're interested in learning more about our promotional & entry exam development, skills performance evaluations, protocol templates, policy & guideline development, and operations review options, please contact Tim Nowak at tnowak@emergencymedicalsolutionsllc.com to learn more!


Our 2017 Green Board Product Guide has been updated and is now online!  Click HERE to download it!  Added to our existing General & Emergency Management, Fire, EMS, and HazMat IMBoards are new categories of USAR & Technical Rescue, Hospital, and Law Enforcement IMBoards under development.  We're also expanding our Custom and Quick Reference Preplan options as part of the Green BoardTM product line.


EMS reference products designed to be simplified, durable, and reliable for your next call.
New to 2017 - Electronic versions available soon!

Incident management resource options designed to make INCIDENT MANAGEMENT simplifiedTM.  Options available for fire, EMS, HAzMat, emergency management, and (coming soon!) hospitals.

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